Mediprep Inc. was founded in responding to the increasing demands for the pre-moisturized wipes (Individually Saturated & sealed swabs) used in disinfecting or cleaning the skin and Medical or other physical devices . The dominant role of the Medical Prep Pads as the Antiseptic agents have been highlighted as an important change in the Medical Industry in the recent years.

We are proud to be specialized in Manufacturing Medical Prep Pads . our target is to serve to our people in order to improve and maintain their health by taking one of the following steps :

Manufacturing: We're Fabricating , Packaging and Labeling our generic Medical Prep Pads.

Contract Manufacturing or Packaging: We're Manufacturing the Private Label Prep Pads as per the customers labeling requirements.

Developing and Designing Private Labels: We assist our customers in designing or redesigning their Private labels in accordance with their requirements and the regulation's mandates.

Research and Development: Our commitment to the Quality of our products made us expand our Research and Development activities on our products and machineries.

Our Products and Plant are registered with the Health Canada and the US-FDA . Our Operations are being performed in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices (CGMP)

The Raw materials used in our products are the best grades (USP grades )made in the North America .

Why should you use Prep Pads ?

Prep Pads , Liquid bottles , Liquid Jells and Liquid sprays are the four common forms of liquid dispensing devices that are used to disinfect the external parts of body or to clean the Medical devices . A comparison between specifications of the Prep Pads with the other three , discovers the significant advantages of the Medical Prep Pads in the following unique features :

Unique features of Medical Prep Pads

Convenience / easy to use One product performs the function of two or more products, easy & clean in a shorter time , so, you do not have to use cotton balls to saturate in liquid and then find a special space to place both products
Economical Being a low cost product makes it affordable for everybody to buy
Transportation Can be handled by any means of transportation such as wallets , handbags ,first aid kit case
Shelf life The Minimum of 2 years due to its fully sealed structure
Safety Safe to be handled and applied by individuals in every age
Size In a Medium size of 1.75 x 1.87 inches , takes the least space but provides maximum efficiency
Spillage Never spills
Single use Each pad is for a single use which increases the Antiseptic efficacy of the product

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